Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Disclaimer: We will not tell you how to get in, get onto the grounds or any other information, we're not pennhurst mapquest.

All of the admins of this blog have explored many other locations as well. If you are interested in seeing our photos from other places please go to fuckyeahurbanexplorationn

This blog is just for Pennhurst which is our favorite location, not because of how l33t it is and how only SUPAHL33TURBEXERS can get into it. We all just have some level of emotional attachment to this place. Soooo, take your hate else where. <3

This blog is dedicated to Pennhurst State School and Hospital located in Pennsylvania. You may have heard about Pennhurst online, on one of the many paranormal television shows that went there to film, or maybe you have been there long before her popularity. This blog is run by a group of friends who have all been to Pennhurst and love it dearly. Please feel free to Submit any Photos, Videos, Documents, Quotes or stories you have.

The People who Run this Blog:

Pennhurst&#8217;s Historical Marker.Dedication Ceremony was on April 10, 2010. 

Pennhurst’s Historical Marker.

Dedication Ceremony was on April 10, 2010. 

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